Out From The Shadows Fest VI - Day Two @ Star Theater

Friday, 04/03/2020, 6:30pm

A 3-night post-punk/darkwave festival held in Portland OR every April, presented by XRAY's Songs From Under the Floorboard radio show and Soundcontrol PDX, OFTS is a non-profit event benefiting both XRAY radio and, beginning in 2018, a local LGBTQ organization. The event has grown from a very modest 1-night outing in 2015 with nine bands, seven of them local, to a 3-night affair with 21-24 bands coming from around the US - including Portland, of course - Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Mexico (with our sights set in years to come on the rest Latin America, Australia and who knows where else). Held at the Star Theater, Out From the Shadows is the largest post-punk/darkwave/etc festival on the West Coast, featuring some of the most premier talent that the current wave has to offer.

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