Alberta Street Pub

1036 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR

City Of Echo, Isabeau Waia'u Walker, Jaycob Van Auken @ Alberta Street Pub

Thursday, 03/12/2020, 9:00pm

City Of Echo

, Isabeau Waia'u Walker

, Jaycob Van Auken

City Of Echo, Isabeau Waia'u Walker, Jaycob Van Auken

Portland Band

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Isabeau Waia’u Walker is a singer-songwriter—“the entire instrument: the air, the soul, the mind, the word”—with a prolific body of stories as powerful and moving as her vocals and guitar. A commitment and dedication to her craft: years of writing and building

and fostering connections with a large, global, online audience of ears and hearts; sharing stories of love, pain and experience (roots and beginnings in Hawaii—half a life in Oregon); to Portland’s fortune, her beautiful voice and sound has been filling local venues more the last few years; her recent single, “Here,” on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

“Still and silent
doesn’t mean
dead and quiet...


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Van Auken's style is incisive and genuine. He is a rock classicist with a singer-songwriter streak. His propensity for blending rock, blues, folk and country allows his songs to move in various directions, while keeping the same destination. It's easy to swamp him with flattering comparisons. Finding a home somewhere in the midst of Tom Petty, Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison and The Faces, Van Auken is somewhat akin to acoustic folk-blues, not quite country, and can rock loud like the best red-blooded Amercians. The expressive immediacy of his voice is distinctive and demands attention, calling to mind the soulful songs recorded back in Muscle Shoals, as well as the rock classics heard in his mom's van while growing up.

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