Alberta Street Pub

1036 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR

The Druthers @ Alberta Street Pub

Saturday, 03/07/2020, 2:00pm

The Druthers make heart-sweeping folk/pop with his and hers harmony. All ages welcome!

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The Druthers
The Druthers make heart-sweeping folk / pop with his and hers harmony.

The magnetic Portland, OR six-piece is defined by the unmistakable voices of their two lead singers: the open, weathered rasp that is his (Kirk Duncan) and the whisper-to-wail force that is hers (Erin Adkisson). The pair is accented by a song-serving flurry of trumpet, piano, organ, guitars, drums and bass.

Unmerciful, heartbreaking, uplifting and full of grace, The Druthers make moving music.

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