Doug Fir Lounge

830 E Burnside St
Portland, OR

Aqueous @ Doug Fir Lounge

Thursday, 03/19/2020, 8:00pm

Buffalo-bred four-piece rock group with pop-laden melodies, hip-hop inspired grooves and massive, anthemic choruses

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With virtuosic abilities on their instruments, reigned in to instead favor melody, groove, vocal performance, and most importantly, songwriting, the band (comprised of guitarist/vocalist Mike Gantzer, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dave Loss, bassist Evan McPhaden, and drummer/vocalist Rob Houk) are a joyful musical tour-de-force to be experienced. Straddling the line between all out rock and roll, pop-laden melodies and hooks, hip-hop inspired grooves and massive, anthemic choruses, Aqueous's sound is explosive, fresh, and undeniably their own. Citing influences as wide ranging as Steely Dan to Tame Impala, Queens of The Stone Age to Kendrick Lamar, the band’s sound is a nod to their open-minded approach as songwriters and musicians.

With a damn-near psychic level of on-stage communication and improvisation, a mesmerizing light show, and a constantly rotating setlist, Aqueous’s live performances shine brightly, a tasteful and engaging eruption of energy and musicality ever on display. Their rapidly growing fan-base (appropriately self-proclaimed “AQuaintances”) find themselves following the band from city to city, hungry for more of what the band is serving up every night. With a ferocious tour schedule, it’s likely that you can catch Aqueous in a city near you sooner than later.

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