GLOW JOB 12: Thar She Glows! @ Star Theater

Saturday, 04/18/2020, 9:00pm


"Immerse Yourself in the Ultraviolet Glory of the hottest touring Glow event in America."


Founded by Playboy TV Stars Brad and Tammy, Glow Job USA is the largest touring black light party in the United States and is currently expanding its tour into new markets around the world.

Glow Job promotes sexual fluidity and gender equality by blending demographics as it strives to blur the lines between race, creed, color and sexual orientation.

Glow Job encourages you to shine and offers a variety of fashionable accessories at the door so you can get your glow on. The event also offers glow in the dark body painting for our guests who become part of the show.

Let's Glow!

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