Funhouse Lounge

2432 SE 11th
Portland, OR

The Gateway Show - Portland @ Funhouse Lounge

Saturday, 03/14/2020, 10:00pm

Billy Anderson Presents

Stand-up comedians take to the stage and tell their BEST jokes, then they go to an undisclosed location to get WAY too high, only to come back to the stage and ATTEMPT to tell more jokes completely baked.

VIP Seating - $25 Online | $30 At The Door
The VIP Seating ticket gives you a guaranteed, reserved seat at the show, in the comfy private back booths. If you buy this ticket and want to make sure you get to sit with friends, then please purchase them all in the same order. Otherwise, we seat VIP Seating tickets in the order they are purchased. (Side Note: There are limited seats per booth and only three booths total, so this ticket number is limited to 12 total.)
General Admission - $15 Online | $20 At The Door

General Admission gives you admission to the event. If you're later than 9:45 PM (and you don't let us know you're running late), you may lose your ability to grab a seat. So come early, have a seat and get a drink before the show! 

Saturday, March 14th | Doors @ 9:30 PM | Show @ 10:00 PM | 21+

Funhouse Lounge2432 SE 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97214


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Is there an age requirement?

Due to the content of the show, we request all audience members be 21 years of age or older.

Is there a drink minimum / will there be food & drink at the event?

No, there is not a drink minimum but it would be great for you to get a food and/or drink item and support the venue that lets us put this show on!

Can we smoke inside the venue?

No. This is not an indoor smoking venue. That being said, we DO take an intermission for a reason and what you do once you leave the venue is your own business. We won't stop you and we aren't snitches.

Can we smoke with the comedians?

We book the comedians to be comedians. That means they are only required to tell jokes, smoke and tell more jokes. If they want to do the smoking part with everyone, we encourage it. Otherwise, it's more about creating a comfortable environment for these comedians to smoke without having to worry about interaction with people. Some of the comedians do not regularly smoke and it is important that we keep them relaxed. We don't want them to have a freak out because one of you is too intense. We all have that friend.

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From Gateway Show

1. Four standup comedians take to the stage in order to tell you their very best jokes

2. Then once they are done telling jokes we take an intermission and get them super stoned

3. Then those same standup comics come back to the stage and attempt to tell you more jokes

And the best thing of all is that IT'S TOTALLY LEGAL NOW

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