2845 SE Stark
Portland, OR

SHAFTY @ Goodfoot

Saturday, 03/14/2020, 9:00pm

From Goodfoot:

Doors at: 9:00 pm

Show at: 10:00 pm

What began as essentially a goof - a chance to throw down some familiar dancy beats and jam for whoever felt like listening - ultimately lit a spark under the off-the-radar powder keg of Phish fans in the Portland, Oregon music scene.

More time was spent talking about the possibility of putting a Phish tribute together than actually practicing, prior to their first performance at local basement pub The Goodfoot Lounge, in February of 2012. Expectations for attendance were moderate at best, yet before the band played the first note, there was a line out the door, culminating in a jam-filled celebration of the music of Phish to an over-capacity crowd!

The demand for a repeat was high, and Shafty was born. If there's a motive, it's to recreate the energy of a Phish show, with the attitude of playful band-audience interaction at the forefront and sharp musical skill acting as a behind-the-scenes glue to hold it all together.

Classic Phish gimmicks are in full force: trampolines, megaphones, choreographed dances, vacuum cleaner solos, instrument switching, and the secret language are alive and well at a Shafty show. $12

Aiming to bring the Phish experience to the much neglected Pacific Northwest, Shafty brings aspects of all eras of Phish together to celebrate the music and performance joys of said rock phenomenon!

Expect emphasis on complex pieces such as Reba, David Bowie, Guelah Papyrus, You Enjoy Myself, Harry Hood, The Curtain With, as well as dance-marathon grooves such as Ghost, Sand, Also Sprach Zarathustra, the zany antics of trampolines, secret languages, and goofy song-specific dances (Meatstick, anyone?), and of course, a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek self-awareness.

And what... is a band... without an insane light show? Nothing, so we thought of that too!

Youtube videos from Shafty

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