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13 NW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR

THE MYSTIC BALL Unleash Your Magic @ Star Theater

Sunday, 04/05/2020, 7:15pm

Valôurian Theatre

, Subaqueous

From Star Theatre
THE MYSTIC BALL -Unleash Your Magic-

Sunday, April 5th 7-11pm 21+ Followed by Church of Hive (Mystic Ball tickets cover Hive entry)

The Mystic Ball emerges in celebration of humankind's innate creativity and aptitude for innovation. An Imaginarium where dreamers are encouraged to express the personification of their most empowered, mystical essence.

A glimmering realm of magic & enchantment awaits your arrival... Inspired by the decadent masquerades of yore, with a twist of archaic whimsy ~ The Mystic Ball is an immersive, otherworldly extravaganza brimming with unlimited potential, where YOU are the crowning star and authentic expression reigns supreme.

Dance with delight between shadow and light, midst the gossamer court of the Fey ~ Where dragons grant wishes to wizards and witches and goblins are keen to play.

From the producer of The Mystic Parlor, Salon L'Orient and Bogville - The 2020 Inaugural Mystic Ball weaves together a bewitching bouquet of live music, world-class performance art, whimsical decor, nostalgia driven - cutting edge DJ's, Oracles, Interactive Altars, a photo booth and an arraignment of uniquely gifted vendors in our Grand Esoteric Bazaar.

High Fantasy cosplay &/or beguiling ballroom regalia is mandatory! Humans attempting entry before the clock strikes 11, dressed in muggle attire (jeans, sneakers, scrunchies etc.) will be bio-glitter bombed and heckled by trolls.


SHATTER SPELL The Sonic Living Theatre Operetta by Subaqueous & Valôurian Theatre with live vocals by Marya Stark Featuring Company Dancers: Tiare Valôuria SolAura Pearl Nova Nova Rachel Smith Memorie Eden Samantha Jones Autumn Sage Kalimah Maya Medina Sefana Wilde Ayla Realta & Anastasia Euthanasia

'Shatter Spell' is a Dance Theater Operetta Portrayal of key historical and mythical archetypes who have influenced the shattering of spells of the powers that wish to enslave humanity. Valôurian Theatre joins forces with Subaqueous and the live vocals of Marya Stark. Together they build a mythic world, telling a timeless story of awakening, inspiration and magic.

From Oracles and Fairy Queens to Dragon Guardians and Wizards, this is a story realm where anything is possible and liberation is inevitable. Come Explore the world of Shatter Spell at the link below to get a visual and audio preview of the show.

Live Orchestral Folk Music by STRANGE & THE FAMILIARS (Storytelling Soul Strings & the Eldritch Waltz)

DAR of LIVING PRISM (Curated nostalgic DJ Set)


Advance Tickets Tier 1: $33 Early Bird Tier 2: $44 February 5th Tier 3: $55 March 19th

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From Subaqueous

The fluid movements in a sea of fusion is the heart of Subaqueous music. By blending future past and eclectic rhythms Subaqueous moves the listeners through a sonic epic.

Subaqueous’ music can be found on the dance floor of transformational festivals, ecstatic dances, and fusion dance all over the west coast USA and the world. His unique sound invites dancers to be in touch with their kinetic nature. It’s a deeply emotional journey

Subaqueous, aka Isaac Cotec, has released music with many labels and collaborators over the years. He has had 9 successful releases in the last 5 years. You can find his music on some of the staple labels of the transformation music movement; Merkaba Music, Critical Beats, and Street Ritual. Check out his Discography.

About Isaac Cotec:

Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, started making electronic based music in the summer of 2005 working with a project called Psyche Sonics. Psyche Sonics is an experimental group working with binaural beats and altering consciousness through sounds. The Project traveled in a large yurt that moved around the PNW on tour as a musical Art installation. It was featured in such festivals as Beloved, Emerg+n+see, Oracle Gatherings, and others.

After touring with his experimental and ambient based project Isaac Cotec continued to make music and grow as a musician. As of March 12th, 2011 the unique character and sound of Subaqueous was born.

Isaac Cotec not only performs music for transformation festivals and fusion dances, but he is also dedicated to inspiring other musicians through education. Isaac Cotec is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer that works with high schools, colleges, and private institutions to help musicians reach their musical goals.

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